Nebraska's Angel Network

The Nebraska Angels are a network of 60 active, local angel investors. Since inception, the Angels have deployed over $11M in capital, investing in early-stage, high growth opportunities.

We're passionate about startups and helping entrepreneurs take their venture to the next level with the necessary capital.
"Our mission is to provide high quality investment opportunities to members of the Nebraska Angels while building the entrepreneurial community."
-Bart Dillashaw, President
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Members of the ACA

Established by angel groups for angel groups, the ACA is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures. All Nebraska Angels members have access to the tools provided by the ACA.

Supporting Our Companies

In addition to investing in local startups, the Nebraska Angels provide the necessary partnerships for entrepreneurs to move forward, such as mentorship, guidance and industry contacts.

Become an Angel

Being part of an Angel network means better deal flow, standardized screening and diligence processes, and learning about new industries from fellow members. The Nebraska Angels are always welcoming new members to the network!


PO Box 81431
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501