The Nebraska Angels are a network of angel investors who meet once a month to work together to review business plans, listen to pitches, conduct due diligence and negotiate terms for potential investments.  Founded in 2006, the Nebraska Angels membership continues to expand and welcomes new members throughout the year.

On average, Nebraska Angels invest in eight deals annually, deploying close to $2,000,000 in capital.  As the Nebraska Angels are a network rather than a fund, the decision to invest is made on an individual basis, however, the terms of the investment are the same for all angel investors.

Stephanie Luebbe, Executive Director

As the Nebraska Angels’ Executive Director, Stephanie sources potential investment opportunities, guides the entrepreneur through the application process, and coordinates due diligence efforts.

To learn more about Nebraska Angels, please contact Stephanie at steph.luebbe@gmail.com.


PO Box 81431
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501