The Nebraska Angels are a network of angel investors who meet once a month to work together to review business plans, listen to pitches, conduct due diligence and negotiate terms for potential investments.  Founded in 2006, the Nebraska Angels membership continues to expand and welcomes new members throughout the year.

On average, Nebraska Angels invest in eight deals annually, deploying close to $2,000,000 in capital.  As the Nebraska Angels are a network rather than a fund, the decision to invest is made on an individual basis, however, the terms of the investment are the same for all angel investors.  To learn more about the Nebraska Angels and angel investing, please contact us.

Laura Classen, Executive Director

As the Nebraska Angels’ Executive Director, Laura sources potential investment opportunities, guides the entrepreneur through the application process, and coordinates due diligence efforts.

An Omaha native, Laura earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a dual major in accounting and finance, while founding and maintaining her first small business – an administrative and bookkeeping consulting business based in Lincoln.

 Upon graduation, Laura served as the controller and financial analyst for a small private equity/venture capital firm based in Lincoln, gaining a deeper understanding of mergers and acquisitions, and the financial, operational, and market analysis behind successful private investment.  During her time at the company, Laura was part of the diligence and acquisition team for a multimillion dollar banking industry acquisition, and subsequently managed investment inflow for a $9 MM capital raise.  In addition, her experience included advising engagements to maximize cash flow and operational efficiencies for small businesses in a variety of industries, including construction, real estate, consumer products/supply chain, banking, and industrial manufacturing.

In August of 2012, Laura founded Raven Enterprises, a small business and start-up consulting company with the mission of helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to maximize their full potential by providing reliable, cost conscious accounting, finance and marketing services which are typically out of reach for a small business.  Serving as a complement to the entrepreneur, Raven Enterprises enables entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths and development of their business.  Laura is passionate about leveraging her unique experiences and abilities to help others reach their goals, and enjoys expanding her mission of supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem through her work as the Nebraska Angels’ Executive Director.

To learn more about Nebraska Angels, please contact Laura.


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